Boo’s Clues


Boo’s last letter to Santa was incredibly sweet and lovely (albeit hideously in need of spellcheck!) and, in the words of Noodles ‘it did come true!’

So, she’s probably now hoping her more mercenary list will also come true. After all, having settled on half the toys in the Smith’s catalogue she ‘helpfully’ drew pictures and assigned items to different people.

I suppose at least she did say ‘please’.

Thankfully I had the foresight to label the items as she drew them.

‘So, what’s on the list?’ Teflon Man asked as we sat in bed, laptop poised for the exploration of toy bargains.

‘Riiiight, errrr, a Barbie unicorn.’


One Google search and we found the exact unicorn. Ah, this would be easy!

Gosh, that is special.

‘Ok, next?’

The Disney Princess Lego wasn’t too hard to find either. But then we started to come a bit unstuck.

‘She’s got a Draculara doll on the list.’

Except there are about a hundred different Draculara dolls out there. The pressure was on to find the right one.


‘What does the picture look like?’ Teflon Man asked.

‘Like this:’



We can only hope this is the one she wanted:


That said, it’s been assigned to Santa, so it’ll be the big man’s fault if he gets it wrong.

We had equal fun looking for Romi 2-in-1, with her wings and massively over-developed wrists…


…and an Elsa doll that has clearly been on steroids.


Just in case dolls aren’t body-dysmorphic enough already!

With only six more sleeps to solve all of the clues here’s hoping we’ve been on the right track. At least she hasn’t declared that she’s changed her mind, unlike a friend’s daughter! (So much for being prepared!)

Maybe next year I’ll request product codes too though. Just to be on the safe side.


8 thoughts on “Boo’s Clues”

  1. Ohhhh….I’m so jealous! My “little one” is now 15 and all he wants are electronics that cost millions and come in a one-inch by one-inch package. What fun you get to have shopping even if you don’t get them all right! Enjoy!

    1. I’m dreading that day, especially if Noodles ends up into ganes systems that are advertised as ‘just’ some extortionate amount of money.
      Best is when they’re too young to know what they want, so you can buy all classic wooden toys. Then comes the garish plastic junk. And then mega-expense.

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