Reduced…to Tears

Having more or less resolved my mutton/lamb styling issues for my birthday I decided it was time to shop. Things did not go well…


#1 It’s only a bargain if it actually exists in your size. Until I’m either a size 20 or a size 6 that never actually happens.






Oh, but they only had my size in the Saint Laurent jacket…excuse me while I don’t part with £1,770!


I didn’t have any more luck looking for a sequinned skirt either.



For heaven’s sake!

#2 There’s plenty of completely random stuff that’s not an urgent purchase out there though.


Who needs to buy a Santa jumper right now? Why is it clogging up the shelves of the internet, available in every size, when instead shops could be selling stuff I actually want to buy?

Mind you, apparently 20 other people were looking at the jumper at the same time as me. What is wrong with these people? Don’t they realise they’re perpetuating the shop’s belief that we could actually be interested in such expired tut? Gah!

#3 You decide you’d be happy to pay full price, but can’t because the options are purely of non-existent stock.

Could normal shopping service – or stuff that costs a bit more, but are actually things you want to buy in a full range of sizes – please resume as soon as possible please? Preferably before I spontaneously combust with rage and frustration. I’m having a fashion crisis here and you retailers really aren’t helping!

4 thoughts on “Reduced…to Tears”

    1. Christmas sales should definitely have a twelveth night deadline on them so that people can actually buy stuff they need. Although to be honest I’m not really sure why an adult would need a Santa jumper anyway.

  1. This makes me laugh (sympathy laugh, mind you). I always have the same problem. How is it that EVERY woman in the WORLD wears a size 14 or 16!?!?! I’ll never get it. Never. Just like a size 8 shoe… No where to be found when they’re on sale. Lol.

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