Celebrating a year of stickiness


Can you believe it’s been a full year since my first post as the Gluestick Mum? Actually, since nobody was actually reading back then, probably not. But people do read now, which amazes me. (Ok, I’m blogging small-fry, but that I should have any readers at all, let alone such loyal, funny, insightful and witty ones as yourselves just makes me beam.)


That any of you then take time to respond to my witterings melts me even more. Can I just say a huge Thank You?!!!!


Now, what could be more appropriate for celebrating a first anniversary of a family known for their stickiness than the partaking of a huge, frosting-coated cake? It’s virtual, so literally has no calories. And you can make it any flavour you choose. Fancy a slice?



I ate rather too much of the batter whilst making it, sorry. (Well, licking the bowl out is the best bit.) The cake may have ended up somewhat smaller than I planned.

Then Teflon Man, like a ravenous, slobbering dog gobbled his way through a considerable chunk. There may well have been growling at anyone who got too close!

Boo just scraped the icing off hers.

Noodles doesn’t even like cake and ate chocolate buttons instead.

Teddy played ‘mush’ with his, and is now caked in, well, cake!

Grandy ate his with a nice cup tea. Followed by a nap. It may have been more than just ‘tea’ in that mug.

Eve snuck down in the night and polished off most by stealth. Knives, plates and crumbs were left for the cleaning fairy.

Indy missed out. But that may be why she remains so skinny. I’m not sure the cake would have travelled well by post.

But certainly feel free to help yourself!


Sorry, but you should be used to the sticky mess here by now.

NB No cake was harmed in the making of this post. However, I now really really fancy cake!


21 thoughts on “Celebrating a year of stickiness”

  1. I can’t believe you started blogging such a short time before I did. I thought you were a seasoned pro back when I started (still do as a matter of fact!) Congrats on your blog-o-versary!

    1. I did briefly have a blog on blogspot, but literally no one read it, so it didn’t last long. But i love it here on WordPress – having a community of lively people like yourself is the best! Xx

  2. Wow! You and I started blogging virtually the same time. Can I have pie? Actually do you know that all my children’s life, they thought brownies were a quarter an inch thick? That’s because yours truly ate too much brownie batter. Therefore when they first had brownies at a pot luck, they said, “This is cake. Brownies are flat like pancakes.” Um, yes they are. Right?? Congrats my friend – – LOVE your blog always.

    1. Eating cake mix just makes sense. A) it tastes better than the finished product and B) you don’t have to fuss with the oven – ie less waiting time and positively goid for the environment! Sod pie, I’ll share the batter with you. πŸ™‚
      You were one of my first proper followers, Steph. It’s due to your lovely comments that I didn’t think early on that it was a big old waste of time. Thank you! Xx

  3. Well done on your first year! I also thought you were an old hand at blogging when I first came across the Gluestick family. Keep going – your blog is always my first place to look for a smile to brighten my day!

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