A Choice


How to spend a day off? Tax return? Or Pinterest?

A no brainer!

What beautiful Pins I discovered today!







Actually, I got my tax return done too, but Pinterest was far too much of a distraction.


12 thoughts on “A Choice”

  1. Admit it….that elegant black and white hallway is stolen from the board game, Clue? ๐Ÿ˜‰ I seriously don’t get Twitter but I get Pinterest even less. What are you supposed to do with your pins? Just look at them whenever the mood overtakes you? I was never one to pin things on bulletin boards so maybe that’s why I can’t understand this appeal? But she’s got great sunglasses!

    1. Yeah, i don’t get Twitter. I think I’m too verbose to be witty and pithy in so few characters.
      Pinterest? It let’s you construct a virtual Cluedo mansion. What’s not to love? Just don’t look up at reality afterwards!

  2. You are now officially my hero. I’m terrified I may have to be the one to do our taxes this year because my husband, who always does ours, is only home 36 hours out of every week. I can’t even count how many people to set the table for on a given day, let alone do the mathematical magic required for tax forms. Holy cow, there was one point in our married life when I was forbidden (by my family members) to use the ATM because I screwed something up every single time I went. You deserve several days on Pinterest AND trips to see all those great sites in person.

    1. The annoying thing is, I don’t actually earn enough to pay tax! But, because I was self-employed for a bit I still have to fill it in. I hate all of the boxes with questions that I don’t understand. I’m hoping that after this year they’ll write and say I don’t have to do it any more.

      1. Oh, that is truly offensive. Here’s a dream scenario: The tax office will look at our returns, realize it’s totally fruitless to ask us to fill these forms out, and give us a pass next time. They’re a benevolent entity, right?

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