Teflon Man Comes Good

Remember last year when I wanted a Pandora bracelet for my birthday but instead got this:

(I may have mentioned it a couple of times.)

Well, Teflon Man has upped his game. And in a good way.

Not only did he take me out for the best meal of my life last night…



…he also got me the exact watch I was lusting after…

(Daniel Wellington: tick. St Andrews model: tick. In rose gold: tick)

and he found his way to the Pandora store with Boo to buy her present for me. (Generosity charm also pictured above.)

10/10, Teflon Man. I’m impressed.


14 thoughts on “Teflon Man Comes Good”

  1. Wow! I’m impressed too! Could it be he has actually got redeeming traits? You weren’t truly insane when you married him? OMG. Earthshaking! Congrats though….from here, it looks like you’ve had a wonderful and much-deserved day!

    1. If only the food would migrate to real life and be as luscious. Dinner has not been the same since.
      As for my watch, I’m no longer lulled into s false sense of security after a glance has had me mistake the second hand for the minute hand. Bigger, bolder and cleaner is definitely the way forward for me these days!

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