Pin It On the Pregnant Woman?

Today is Teddy’s first birthday. What better reason to pop a bottle of Prosecco? (Although, to be honest, the day only has to end in ‘y’ for it to be a good idea in my world.)

And there the bottle sat on the table when I clocked the now typical ‘Enjoy Responsibly’ message. Killjoys.

But the little symbol seemed somewhat judgemental and harsh: a picture of a pregnant woman.


Are pregnant women really those most likely to go crazy on fizzy wine, risking the development of their unborn child?

Surely there are other groups more likely to ignore the moderation message? A teensy bit of Googling and the Internet (which is always right, right?) reveals bigger risk factors when it comes to the likelihood of binge-drinking and alcohol abuse reveals a demographic of almost anyone and everyone apart from those up the duff.


The only thing I didn’t find (in my five-minute search) was mention of binge-drinking mums-to-be being a particular issue.

Not even on the website.

Or maybe it’s acknowledged that pregnant women are an easy target? They’re set towards omnipresent guilt; a guilt that will last at least until their youngest child has children of their own and they can shift to ‘I told you so’ mode. Perhaps they’re the only ones likely to listen? Although, I’d have thought not drinking whilst pregnant is hardly a revelation (even if drinking was largely a factor in getting pregnant in the first place). So, is it not just mean to point the finger at those who are, on any given week told not to eat peanuts or drink coffee or eat soft cheese or pet sheep or use hair dye or don’t NOT eat peanuts and don’t have any fun.

Chances are, those with the baby bump will be the ones sat nursing a Diet Coke (and stressing out about the frickin’ caffeine in that) without a label then suggesting that without its presence they’d have been on a major bender.

How about sticking a picture of a drunk driver on there or a college student? Or even just Justin Bieber? Or you might as well put a picture of a 1-year-old enjoying his birthday on there as Teddy certainly seemed interested in Eve’s glass.


Or maybe they don’t drink prosecco? Maybe there’s a different picture depending on the type of booze?

I may have to investigate further. If you don’t hear from me, you’ll find me in AA. But it’s all right as I’m not pregnant, so I’m exempt from judgement.

But in the meantime, let’s not automatically pin the guilt on the pregnant women, hey?


7 thoughts on “Pin It On the Pregnant Woman?”

  1. Gee, I don’t know why we shouldn’t shame pregnant women. According to the powers that be, women are the root cause of most of the society’s evils. Yikes!

      1. Ooooh, you’ve hit a nerve with that one. I despise the way that some denominations use that story to point to why women should be put down and dominated. I’m sure Adam was a lazy-assed prick who just couldn’t be bothered to find his own damn snack.

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