Bringing the Outside In

Lifestyle magazines often talk about the joy of opening up your living and ‘bringing the outside in’

You could, for example, install fold-back patio doors, meaning that on glorious sunny days there’s no distinction between house and garden.


Or, you could have such a desirable outdoor area that inside seems like a poor second choice.


You could make a feature of your view…


…or fill your living area with plants, either real…


…or with a bold feature wall.

<a href="https://IMG_2941

You could even install an indoor/outdoor water feature.


Not in this house you can’t!

No, this is how the Gluestick house brings the outside in, all by itself:

Yep, that’s ivy that’s somehow managed to infiltrate the window resulting in it now growing inside the house. Marvellous! Not.

I don’t think that’s what Pinterest and all the glossy magazines meant.

The scary thing is that we didn’t even notice until I pulled back the curtains the other day. If the Triffids ever attack we’re a gonna!!!

(Of course it might have something to do with our windows being thatdirty. I daren’t clean them though – I fear the grime is the only thing keeping the glass in their increasingly rotten frames. And with no windows I dread to think what evergreen onslaught we’d be in for!)



8 thoughts on “Bringing the Outside In”

  1. I really feel for you…and I can relate. 25 years ago we bought a fixer-upper (read – run down dump). We had $15,000 from the sale of our other house and we figured that and 5 years and we would be living in the lap of luxury. Alas…though the rooms that are finished are beautiful…it’s only half done. Maybe in another 25 years….. 😉

  2. Ahhhh….all those homes like paradise and here I am up to my $*&^ in paint cans and cardboard boxes……grief. Did desperately love how you gave us all that serenity and then dropped us into the ivy hidden behind curtains. Very dramatic! 🙂

  3. That is strangely terrifying. At our house “bringing the outside in” means having the windows open in the spring and ending up with a 1/8 inch layer of green pollen dust on every surface.

  4. I though these things only happened to us!!! I have jasmine that has penetrated a wall and is growing across my feet where I sew, every now and then the dog chews off the end, but I am tempted to leave it and see how far into the house it gets :O

    1. Startling is a very good word to use. Heaven only knows how we hadn’t spotted it before. Unless it truly sprouted from magic beans. Maybe I’d better watch out for golden eggs and giants!

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