A Cake Debate: To Bake or Not?

Ok, I have a dilemma. It’s late: 10.37pm to be exact. (How the f**k did that happen? Seriously!) Tomorrow is Eve and Indy’s birthday.

Plans for said birthday are a ‘party tea’ (ie nibbly bits and pieces en famille, rather than any actual party) and cake. I was thinking something like this:

Mmm, right? They might be leaving their teen years behind, but are you ever too old for a cake surrounded by KitKats? I think not!

However, I don’t actually have all of the ingredients into make even the cake part (thanks, Eve, for using all the flour for Oscar’s cake at the weekend). So,if I’m to make it tonight I’ve got to drive out of town to the late-night supermarket (ugh!), hope that no one steals my parking space in the street (otherwise double ugh!) and then bake the cake.

A fool’s errand, I know! Who wants to be baking a cake licking a bowl of cake batter at midnight? (Ok, I do – in my world there’s never a wrong time for cake batter; don’t judge me.)


And the thing is, if I don’t do it tonight I’m at work all day tomorrow (just as I have been today). I won’t get in until nearly six, later if I stop off on the way home to buy sausage rolls and prosciutto ham, etc, and I’ll then have to bake the cake, let it cool, decorate it, etc. at that rate we might be lucky to eat it before midnight tomorrow night!

Oh, and added to the issue Teflon Man is out at his precious cinema club (double bill tonight, folks!), so technically I’m the responsible adult. (Although the kids are asleep and Grandy, Eve and her boyfriend are in, so if I did go out you don’t have to call social services.) But still, I’d feel bad. But maybe that’s just the eternal nag of Mum Guilt.

I suppose the other option is to just buy a cake. But that seems like a waste of cash when all I need is flour. Plus, you don’t get to lick cake batter off the spoon with a ready-made cake!

I can’t decide. I’ll go and do the laundry and check that the out-of-town late-night supermarket is still open.

Goddam days only having 24 hours in them though. It’s all time’s fault. Yep, I blame time and commitments. But not The Commitments. God, I loved that film soundtrack. And possibly The Midnight Hour is quite appropriate.



6 thoughts on “A Cake Debate: To Bake or Not?”

  1. If you bake a cake this late at night (OMG how are you still awake?) you will be setting the bar WAY too high. You’ll never be able to live up to yourself again. Buy a birthday cake, I say.

    Oh, and I can say this because I was in a similar situation one night this week. My turn to make birthday treats for a friend in the office. Had all the ingredients to do individual cheesecakes. But at 7:00 pm I crashed the night before. Hit a gourmet bakery on the way to the office the next morning. Long live low standards!

  2. OMG. That first cake…I have to make that! My son will die for that cake! Gosh, I can’t believe how fast time goes and the situations you end up in….through no fault of your own! I hope we get an update about cake and the tea!

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