Despite the various challenges of work/family getting in the way of getting stuff done I only went and did it and baked a cake for the twins. And it wasn’t even a Pinterest fail!


But I didn’t do it last night. Teflon Man made it home at 1.20am – exactly what epics were his cinema club watching?! Or did he end up next-door afterwards for a cheeky episode of Breaking Bad…or two?! There was no way on Earth I was going to drive to the supermarket at that time of night and then bake a cake.

No, I made it this evening. After a full day at work and whilst simultaneously preparing* a party tea. (*Ok, so that mostly involved decanting bits of prosciutto and pre-prepped salad into bowls that weren’t made of plastic, but still I had to the defend the smorgasbord against cat attack when no one came to my aid.)

And then Teflon Man had the audacity to make some snarky comment that made me want to rip his head off and drop-kick it out through the patio doors.

But Eve and Indy seemed to appreciate it. Which is what counts.

Happy Birthday, girls!

I’d feel pretty damn invincible…if only I wasn’t so utterly knackered!


10 thoughts on “Ta-Dah!”

  1. The cake looks fabulous- do you hire out? My cakes always end up looking like a nuclear wasteland.

    Lucky girls to have a Supermum. Hope it was a very happy celebration!

    1. I’m not sure the cakes would travel well. But I swear it was the EASIEST cake to make. I’m usually all right at the baking part, but fall down when it comes to decorating. KitKats and Malteasers and now my friends more than ever!

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