I’m writing this on the hoof, utilising the free internet in McDonalds. There ARE better ways to spend a Sunday morning.

But you know how I said we’d dodged the no-Internet bullet? Turns out we didn’t. After a month of usage they a) failed to set up a direct debit and b) also failed to change our phone number. So they then cut us off.

I am, of course, blaming Teflon Man for using a company of complete incompetents. And TalkTalk for being a company full of incompetents. Talking monkeys would make better employees.

I WILL be back. But it could take up to 14 days! That’s if Teflon Man doesn’t just lose the will to live whilst trying to sort it out. I can see him giving up and deciding we can live without it.

Take care, y’all. Can’t wait to catch up soon!!!


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