Fallen Madonna

Poor Madonna’s bottom. 2015’s not exactly being kind. Not only was it exposed to the elements at the Grammys, but now it’s literally gone arse over tit at the Brits.


It doesn’t seem fair. For a 56-year-old bottom it’s treated her well and all she seems to do is abuse it.

Ok, her tumble off stage last night wasn’t intentional (possibly)…even if it came well-timed with the lyrics ‘I let down my guard, I fell into your arms’. Whoops. But combining a cape-malfunction with vertiginous stacked heels and stairs wasn’t going to end well.


Still, I’d bet her arse isn’t even feeling as sore as the dancer who yanked too hard on all that Armani fabric or the dresser who had maybe watched Fifty Shades of Grey a little too closely and had got a little over-enthusiastic with their knots. Either way, I’m betting they had their arses whipped last night too.

That’s the backing dancer sorted, now to see to that wardrobe assistant.

Still, I feel it would only be appropriate for the star to give her tush a little TLC. Envelope it in a pair of comfy big knickers perhaps, rather than cheese-grater g-strings; let it have a little rest rather flashing it to the paps at every opportunity.

Oh, and maybe next time, take advice from
The Incredibles’ Edna Mode:

Wise words indeed.


11 thoughts on “Fallen Madonna”

      1. Yes, I will admit I didn’t have problem finding a chuckle or two myself when I saw it, but do have to admit I did wince when I thought of what she’d feel like today……On another note, I still wish she’d keep her clothes on…..

      2. Oh, I know! She got a fantastic body, even more so when you think she’s 56…but still, I’d rather it was covered rather than splayed out on display. I suppose we should be grateful she was at least wearing pants when she took her tumble!!!

  1. Poor Madonna. The whole point of my blog is to celebrate the “real” women in my life and keep a positive slant on accepting ourselves “as is”. I’m not in the entertainment industry where youth and looks are so important, but poor Madonna should give herself a break, eat a chocolate bar or a bag of chips and skip the gym for a while!

    1. You would think, into her 3rd decade in the industry, she’d have gained enough respect to drop the tart’s night out shock tactics of her wardrobe to still have her music listened to. Not that I’d expect her to rock up on stage in a twinset and pearls, but there’s ageing gracefully and there’s falling downstairs at a music awards performance.

  2. I’m not sure whether Madonna is the ultimate feminist who marches to her own tune no matter what, or if she has become slightly tragic. I used to love her music but it doesn’t seem to be about that anymore.

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