You’ve Got to Have a Plan

9.30am and we stood in the market place gazing at the clouds, hoping to spot the eclipse.


It was a tad underwhelming to be honest.

Colleague 1: But what are we going to do when the eclipse brings out the zombies?

Colleague 2: It’d be no good going into the office. We’d need supplies.

Me: It’d have to be a lock-in at Sainsbury’s then.

Colleague 2: Are you telling me you’d run all the way to Sainsbury’s?

Me: Zombies are quite slow though.

Colleague 2: But Marks and Spencer’s is closer.

Colleague 2: Or McDonald’s.

Me: McDonald’s doesn’t go off very quickly, so we’d be all right there. But we might not be able to tell the difference between the customers and the zombies.

Colleague 1: True.

Me: Plus you could get clean underwear in Marks and Spencer’s.

So M&S it is. And then the zombies were rude enough not to come. But if they do, you’ll know where to find me.

If I’m in there long enough I may even be able to work out what my mum’s maiden name was, as The Cloud clearly doesn’t agree with me.


Without WiFi I’d rather take my chances with the McDonalds’ undead. At least I know I can get free WiFi there.


6 thoughts on “You’ve Got to Have a Plan”

  1. If I’m in London when a zombie apocalypse arrives, I just want to be somewhere with a healthy supply of chocolate caramel digestives.

    1. That is definitely a plan. I may take to carrying an emergency pack just in case.
      To be fair, London often feels like a zombie apocalypse even without the zombies. Instead they’re referred to as ‘tourists’.

  2. I’d go to the Winchester … . Jesus will be coming back to earth and start the zombie apocalypse, so it’s a good thing you are talking about these things. Keep on blogging in a free world – The False Prophet

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