In a Pickle

Boo: Does my soul look like a pickle?

Answers on a postcard (well, in the comments section) because I’m stuck on this one. Whose to say it doesn’t look like one?


13 thoughts on “In a Pickle”

  1. I am dying to know what gave her this idea. But my answer would be, “your soul looks like anything you want it to look like, pickle or otherwise.”

  2. I’m not really very good at kids – what’s the translation for “A soul is a concept rather than an object so you can visualise it however you would like”?

    1. I’m not sure if she’s a bit confused between a soul and a spleen. (Not helped that I’m not 100% sure what either is.)
      I’m now wondering what shape my own soul would be.

      1. If I try and give my subconscious a visual form, it’s kinda dark red/black, round-ish, flowing and moving. Actually, like the stuff you might find inside a really sinister lava lamp. If I have a soul, I would suggest it looks a bit like that…

        Incidentally, your spleen is like a massive lymph gland on the left hand side of your stomach #sundaynightanatomy

  3. Do you know, that’s EXACTLY what I told her! That your soul isn’t something physical, so it can be whatever shape you want it to be. Explaining the concept of a soul to a 7-year-old has been something of a challenge though.

  4. In the mindset that young girls are overly hung up on body shapes, I’m going to assume focusing on the shape of a soul can’t be good either. Tell her, the important thing isn’t how it looks but that her soul should not be perceived by others as a sour pickle, but instead a sweet meringue! : )

    1. But would meringue be reinforcing the stereotype of girls having to be sweet and light and fluffy, eager to please everyone, rather than something that people can either take or leave? Oh, I’m sooo confused! Why isn’t there an app: how to answer the tricky questions?! (She also asked me today what app I would design. Well, that would be it!)

      1. My God! You’re in such trouble with this girl! She’s not even a pre-teen yet!

        I confess, I hadn’t thought of the whole sweet-light-fluffy stereotype…..I only raise boys over here….not generally something I’ve had to worry about.

        However, if it makes you feel any less alone………we just had our dinner and his conversation was centered on how he is thinking perhaps Earth was just created so that a perfect human can be developed and perhaps the “whole God thing” is kind of like the movie he just watched…..Alien.

        Um-hmm. I need that app worse than you do.

      2. The whole God thing is like Alien?!?! It’s been a while since I saw the film, buuut I can’t remember drawing any religious revelations whilst watching John Hurt’s insides burst out. O_o

      3. Hah! Yes, I literally sat there with my mouth on the floor while he was on and on about Alien…am sorry to say, I’m not understanding his chatter any better these days than I did before he learned to speak properly! 🙂 Who knows. He’s fed. He’s well cared for. He’s educated. That’s about all I can do. Am just hoping he turns into decent bloke at the end of these teen years……you know, decent, like without anything bursting forth from his chest!

  5. Oh that little Boo. She’s gone all out this time, hasn’t she?? If you answer affirmatively on the whole pickle thing, you’re liable to get further clarification. Kosher or Dill? Spears or slices? Why don’t you turn the tables and ask her what Love looks like? ps. This is a fascinating conversation between Prompt and yourself. She certainly is prompt (and intriguing!) with the replies, isn’t she!

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