The Lottery Ticket

On the spur of the moment I bought a lottery ticket. A lucky dip chance to win £3.1 million.

A jackpot haul offers the chance for so much.

I could pay off my mortgage and fix all the glitches wrong with the house. Windows that don’t let in the breeze and central heating. Imagine a cosy winter!

I could decorate as I would like it and lose the ghastly sofas. I could stop having to defer to Teflon Man’s decisions because he earns the most.

I could have a new kitchen. With a cooker with a door that shuts and cupboards that don’t lean. And a Kitchen Aid mixer. I’d definitely have a mixer.

I could replace my car with its scratches and gaffa-taped wing mirror. I could buy a new bike, rather than the second-hand bone-shaker I ride.

I could free my sister to get a place that’s properly her own (she has the savings, but is still tied to the family home mortgage) and buy my dad some peace and quiet (cos God knows he deserves it). And get the twins sorted as they start on their adulthood.

The fact that Teflon Man has made an offer on a house for his mum wouldn’t eat away at me like it is now. The fact that it’s taking all of our savings and then some and it’s a priority above all else would become irrelevant. I would sleep at night without angst or pent-up anger.

I could take everyone on holiday. It’s been so long since I’ve been on holiday. DisneyWorld. Who wouldn’t love DisneyWorld? It’s not fair that Boo and Noodles have never been and are unlikely to get to go.

Noodles and Boo would have the money for a higher education without being saddled with debt.

I could give money to charity rather than crying that the world is so unjust whilst only donating a fiver. I could help my friends out with more than just a sympathetic ear.

Money may not bring happiness, but it would definitely relieve a lot of the tension at the moment. And the only way I can see to change it is with a lucky Lotto win. So I pin all my hopes on the my six little numbers and…nothing.


Lotto. It could be you…cos it sure as hell ain’t me.


20 thoughts on “The Lottery Ticket”

  1. Well, it is nice to dream and you sound a very deserving girl! Somehow I also always seem to miss those big payouts but I generally get through things pretty well somehow. However, on the off chance that you do hit at some future date….you need to have a better plan for you than just the mixer……a mixer is nice, but I think just toss the whole house thing and get yourself one of those nice mansions complete with servants to take care of it all. Yep, might as well dream the whole thing if you’re going to do it up right! 🙂

    1. The trouble is, £3 million doesn’t go so far these days. And I don’t want to be the sort of woman who sits and chats to the ironing lady whilst she does my laundry. Even though I never get the chance to actually do the ironing. Maybe I’d buy myself one of those big steam irons instead that’d just make the process easier and faster.

  2. Every time it rains, it rains pennies from heaven. Well, sometimes. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you for next time, cuz I would love for you to have all these things, too!

  3. I know money doesn’t buy happiness, but it’d certainly make things easier and I’d sleep better (in part because I’d have the biggest most comfy bed ever with room for everyone to fit in) rather than on the hard-as-rocks futon. Or would I still end up sleeping horizontally across the bottom?

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