The Mystery of the Invisible Post

I wrote a post last night. It showed up on my page:



…but left no trace on my Reader:

Where my post should have been.

Maybe it’s taken to British Summer Time clock-changing time travel too. Maybe it’s fending off Boo’s aliens!

Maybe the Reader took offence to my musings and overrode my aspirations of reaching into the ether for likes and comments and increased stats.

Or maybe WordPress just likes messing with my head.

Just in case you don’t want to miss out, take a jump through time and space to here. Nobody likes being censored by the Reader after all.


8 thoughts on “The Mystery of the Invisible Post”

  1. Will be sure to read your disappearing post sometime today. That happens to me pretty often. Sometimes it turns out that’s because I’ve accidentally unfollowed myself, and that’s easy to fix. But sometimes there’s no reason at all and I never do end up seeing it in my reader. I’ve always wondered if this kind of shenanigans would stop if I ponied up and paid the extra fee to remove ads and stuff.

  2. Since early yesterday, every time I even try to go to my reader I get a message the page doesn’t exist. I think WordPress is making some sort of changes.

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