Time Travel

A conversation at bedtime last night:

Me: Please go to sleep. The clock’s go forward tonight. And it’s already crazy late.

Boo: The clocks go forward? You mean we’re going to time travel?

Me: Well, no not exactly. More like we’ll lose an hour’s sleep and be grumpy in the morning.

Boo: Will there be aliens?

Me: We’re only going forward an hour.

Boo: But there could be aliens. With laser guns. And we’ll have to throw old buns at them.


Me: Old buns? We don’t have any old buns! (Although we do have some delicious hot cross buns, but I’m not wasting them on aliens.)

Boo: What are we going to do?!

Me: Well, as there isn’t going to be an alien invasion I think we’ll be ok.

And to be honest, the conversation deteriorated from there.

Thankfully this morning we woke, tired and grumpy, to an absence of an alien invasion. 

Maybe they’ll use the extra hour to attack in the autumn when we travel back in time instead, although then we’ll have already lived that hour so will be prepared. Oh I’m confused. Better get the buns in anyway.


12 thoughts on “Time Travel”

    1. I can see it!
      I wrote a hole post yesterday that failed to show up on my Reader. WordPress seems to be playing early April Fools jokes on us. Either that or it’s to do with the aliens. Prepare the buns!

    1. Bedtime’ll be the worst. It’s hard enough to get Noodles and Boo to sleep as it is, without the reduction of exhaustion hours.
      I think I’ll still be ready to hit the hay though.

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