Pay It Forward Part 1: A Cherry

Remember when I hoped to win the lottery? I didn’t, obviously, otherwise I’d be posting from the Maldives. But it did start a chain of events that resulted in a cherry as good as a win.

Because, you see, the world is a cool place. Watch too much rolling news and it can seem all doom and gloom: Isis, climate change, aeroplane disasters, Ebola, the national deficit, corruption, lies and death. (I’d say I’m immune as I’m largely restricted to watching CBeebies, but that just leads to a different sort of madness). 

But, actually, in reality, people are mostly good. And so special things can happen that can set off a whole chain of unpredictable loveliness. Because, when I wrote that post I didn’t expect the following email:

I loved your post on winning the lottery.  I’m not wealthy, but it would make me very happy to buy you a mix-master.  That way, you would have won a little something.  Afterwards, if you choose, do a little favor for someone else who isn’t expecting it. Don’t need to spend money at all. It will make you feel so good…Just so you know, I am not wealthy or nuts.  I have a little money stuck back just for myself.  This is not out of my household funds.  I don’t send my grocery or rent money to televangelists. 

Now, that took me surprise. I felt like Cinderella – a bit embarrassed to have been caught crying with self-pity, but excited to have an offer out of the blue. I wrestled with my conscience – would it really be the right thing to do to let someone I admire (I promised them no names, but I’m a HUGE fan of their blog) but don’t actually know buy me something? But the idea of paying it forward did put a huge smile on my face and got the cogs whirring. And Cinders certainly didn’t reject her Fairy Godmother. So I said yes (on the basis that I pay for delivery because there was an ocean involved).

And then the planets aligned some more.

Chatting to a friend I told her about the offer I’d received and how exciting the prospect was of having a stand mixer in my kitchen. She makes cakes as a sideline to her normal job and is a devotee to her Kitchen Aid mixer so knew where I was coming from in my excitement.

‘I’m getting a new one for my birthday. Do you want my old one?’

Hell, yeah!!!

She offered me a bargain price and as of Thursday this has sat on my worktop:


That right there is my cherry!

(And Teflon Man has yet to notice!)

So I thanked my delightful blogger fairy godmother and said that I didn’t need for her to buy me a mixer, but she had been the instigator of the series of very fortunate events and thank you. I will still very much be paying it forward. (Look out for Part 2 – I have a plan, which I may coincide with international Pay It Forward Day on 30th April. See, Kismet plays its hand again – it gives me time to organise my plan perfectly. It’s already giving me the warm and fuzzies.)

In the meantime I’ve been playing! One flour-covered kitchen later and the inaugural mixer-produced cookies were done!


They definitely wouldn’t cut it on the Great Britsh Bake-Off, but they are rather the yummy and a making them was a wonderful way to spend a late Sunday afternoon.

Now to find the perfect bread recipe! And cupcakes! And pastry…!

(Oh my God – I’m going to get so fat as a result of my new toy!!!)

So, Fairy Godmother, 


THANK YOU! For showing such unrequited generosity – may it be an example to many; it’s definitely been an example to me – for triggering events that have led to my house smelling of vanilla and sugar and for making me smile more than you could know. Because for some girls it’s glass slippers and ball invites, but for others it’s balloon whisks and baked goods. Ok, so my ever after is likely to be Type 2 diabetes rather than a handsome prince. It’s the difference between pumpkins and cherries, I guess. Thank you for helping me get mine. 

GSM xx


24 thoughts on “Pay It Forward Part 1: A Cherry”

    1. They are rather scrummy…as was the dough that I kept nibbling at between batches. ;-P The downside of the internet is definitely an inability to offer up tangible cookies. Although the upside is that it reveals some wonderful people though. The upside wins.

  1. Wow, what a great story! I agree with you, most people out there really are “good” people. My husband and I butt heads about this all the time. If the garage door accidentally gets left open, he freaks out for an hour because in his mind it was a pure miracle that somebody didn’t steal all his tools. I’m so glad you received such a kind act, even if it didn’t turn out to be necessary. And SO COOL about your new mixer! My kitchen would have to be at least twice its actual size to be able to store one, so I’m envious!

    1. I’m so in love with my mixer. I’ll be doing some more experimenting this weekend.
      I’m sure it’s wiser to lock doors and stuff, but you’d have to be damn unlucky to forget one time and them have an opportunistic thief walk by and pinch stuff. The news might suggest otherwise, but I’ll never give up on the idea that the world is largely a good place.

  2. I have many awesome bread recipes, several made with my black stand-up mixer. What kinda bread do you want to make?

    I will pay something forward on pay it forward day as well!

  3. Wonderful post— I love the thoughts in and behind it! And congrats on your mixer!
    I also wanted to let you know that my blog has changed. I lost all my content and followers during a transfer. If you would still like to follow me, my new blog address is:

    1. It must have been hideous to lose all your stuff on your previous blog, but rest assured I’m on board again and the new blog looks incredible!!!
      My fairy godmother is just the best! I can’t wait to pay it forward.

  4. This is a really wonderful story. I love the spontaneity and generoisty of your blogger friend’s offer and have always liked the idea of paying it forward. Plus the cookies look delicious πŸ™‚

    1. I can’t stop smiling about the approaching paying it forward bit. I’ve always loved it as an idea, but being terribly British the thought of actually doing it has always been a bit not-my-thing. But now I can’t wait!
      My blogger fairy godmother has done more than help me get a mixer, she’s changed my attitude. It’s very exciting!

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