Who eats half a cookie?

Sometimes life, and in particular, the internet brings to light concepts that I struggle to get my head around.

Such as the idea of having a recipe for one cookie.

There are just two reasons on Earth as to why I would choose to make just one cookie:
1) I actually intended to make 12, but ate so much of the dough that I only ended up with one solitary biscuit;

2) I decided to make one enormous biscuit so that I wouldn’t have to share with anyone else (which, now I think of it would make phenomenal sense).

But, no. The crazy (and I assume skinny) fools on Pinterest have suggested a recipe for literally a single cookie.

Why would you do that? Why?

But it gets weirder. Because rather than assuming (correctly!) that you – ok, I – would promptly sit (stand at the kitchen worktop) and devour the whole thing (and then wish I’d made another 11), the recipe suggests this one cookie would constitute TWO servings!!!


That would be my brain exploding at the very idea.

For one thing, in that case, why not make TWO cookies? Otherwise, secondly, why on Earth would you eat half of something so delicious (the Pinner said that it was one of her ‘FAVORITE recipes EVER’ so it must be good) and then leave the other half for later? You just know that someone’s just going to put it in the bin. Why take that risk?

Maybe it’s just a smug willpower thing: ‘Ooh, look, I’m so good I only bake one biscuit at a time and then leave half because my appetite is so small that I can’t manage it in one go.’ Well, in that case, those people deserve to have their half-eaten cookies binned. If you’re going to the trouble of making it at least eat it!

There are already enough issues around food. Let’s not add to them. Either make a normal batch of cookies – share them around if you like the baking part but not the weight gain – or if you must bake just one cookie at a time at least eat it in one go. The world is not a better place for having half-eaten cookies lying around.


12 thoughts on “Who eats half a cookie?”

  1. Half-cookie eating is (or should be) a recognized disorder, indicating an excessive level of smugness and/or the likelihood of addiction to running half marathons. This recipe is one of the reasons why Pinterest makes me throw up in my mouth…though unfortunately I do end up consulting it on occasion.

  2. Absolutely fell on the floor laughing when I read your reason…”1) I actually intended to make 12, but ate so much of the dough that I only ended up with one solitary biscuit;” Now that is hilarious. And I must agree with you on this one…..I have no idea what the world is coming to. ….1 cookie indeed. Hrumpf!

    1. Exactly. Even if someone can’t trust themselves not to binge on more than one biscuit (and really, who’d judge?!) then at least bake them all and dish them out to colleagues/neighbours/random people in the street. It would serve people far better to take their heads out of their skinny arses.

  3. Hahaha! Too many times I’ve eaten so much cookie dough that I ended up baking 3-4 cookies!! And, of course, I ate those 3-4 cookies before the kids got home from school. “Mom, why does the house smell like cookies?” …oh… “It’s the candle I bought today, don’t you love it?”

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