21st Century Fairy Godmother

So Cinders went to the ball this evening. She didn’t think she would – she’d already been out the night before to play badminton and life comes with responsibilities and a limit to fun. But she’d put up with the wicked temper of her siblings (nursery pick-up can be a bitch!) and nearly vacuumed the dining area carpet, so her Fairy Godmother (or, just her mum) took pity on her and granted her a night of partying with friends, if not a handsome prince.


The typical nursery pick-up as experienced by Eve – Noodles has a sit-down protest in the rain.

In true Fairy Godmother-style a costume was pulled out of thin air. In fact, this Fairy gave options! Even though the costume specifics were Gatsby-style 20’s flapper. (The depths of my wardrobe knows no bounds!)

(Disappointingly social media seems to have let us down as no photos appear to exist – yet – of the night’s shenanigans for our Cinders. This Fairy Godmother feels somewhat let down. A Twitter feed just doesn’t suffice.)

What the Fairy Godmother also failed to realise upon doing her magic was:

a) Cinders would leave the devastation of her ‘decades of prep’ all over the Fairy Godmother’s bedroom and bathroom.

b) This would include not picking up the Fairy’s toothbrush after knocking onto the floor.

c) Although Cinders left the party before the stroke of midnight, she would have neglected to have taken a key, thus requiring a phone call to the then-sleeping Fairy…who now can’t get back to sleep.


Perhaps the Fairy Godmother should just be grateful that this Cinders didn’t fleece her for money for new shoes. 


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