The Morning After the Day After the Night Before

Still can’t get my head around this happening:

What the actual fuck?! I mean, look at his smug rich-boy face. Is that really the face of a man you can trust to serve the country fairly and justly and not just in the interests of his über-rich friends? How has he become our prime minister again?!

He can’t even kiss his wife at his moment of victory in any meaningful way.


Something is clearly not right. It was meant to be immensely close. All the charts of flat-lining public polls, the endless chat of ‘it’ll definitely be a coalition. And then we just end up with a distribution of power that resembles Maggie Simpson.

The voting system, without a shadow of doubt, is flawed. Therefore I would like to propose the following alternatives:

– Compulsory voting

Only 66.1% of the population eligible to vote did so. The majority of the 33.9% would have not done so because they felt politically disenfranchised because politics doesn’t represent them. Looking at the choices it’s fair enough to see why. Politics favours the rich and powerful. But it will continue to do so if those voting are those benefitting from it. If voting was mandatory the parties would need to speak to that unconvinced 33.9% of the electorate more.

Besides, if my terminally ill friend can get his arse into a polling booth on the way to the hospital, then anyone can manage it.

– Or don’t make it compulsory, but make sure people have valid reasons for their choices

Who knows exactly on what basis David Cameron and the Tories won their votes? For some it’ll have been because they believe in the Conservative rhetoric. But for others it will have been because ‘Ed Miliband’s eyes are too close together so I didn’t want to vote for him.’ (True quote from a work colleague today. D’oh.)

If politics is going to be a beauty contest, or at least a ‘least ugly’ contest, then we’re all doomed. If people can’t be bothered to listen to the debates and form an educated opinion (and yes, that includes me) then perhaps they just shouldn’t vote. Instead of having pollsters outside the stations taking exit opinion, have them do a quiz beforehand. Only those who pass in terms of knowing what the parties stand for can go through to the next round and actually vote.

– Or proportional representation

But I don’t really understand that either. But it’s got to be better than what we’ve got.

Except, if a system has awarded a party power then they’re not going to be inclined to change it. D’oh.

I suppose there is some good news:

Farage is out (and probably has the world’s worst hangover this morning…although that was a given either way).

And I guess the Lib Dems will be able to say in five years time, after we’ve truly gone to Hell in a handcart, that they can demonstrably prove they’d tempered the evil last time round, rather than being Tory lap dogs. Maybe then we can trust that they aren’t just massive liars who sold us down the river.

And maybe that’s why people have voted for the Tories: they may have harsh policies about taking from the poor and not the rich, but they’re open about it. Their policies hurt, but they can claim they do what they say on the tin.

It’s just sad that in politics we’re living by the maxim ‘better the devil you know.’

And we didn’t even force Katie Hopkins to eat her words/leave the country. There is no hope.


Anyone know of a good cave I can go and hide out in for the next five years? With decent wifi, obviously.


15 thoughts on “The Morning After the Day After the Night Before”

  1. Ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch. Agony! I’m afraid I know your pain only too well. That’s been our exact story on the state level for way too long…and I’m already sick with worry about the 2016 presidential election. If you find that cave let me know.

    1. You’d be more than welcome to join me. Chances are some Tory fat-cat will have snapped it first, paid for in cash with some tax free bonus and the market value on all other caves will have increased exponentially as a result. So it might have to be a cave in Sunderland (cod fat cats don’t like the North – not sure if the weather, lack of infrastructure or the accents they’re afraid of).

      1. I expect it’s the accents – and the fear that some of the people they’e screwed the worst will turn on them!

      2. Might I suggest a Hobbit Hole? For one, since Lord of The Rings stopped filming they’re now empty (though you might have to put up with tourists taking pictures of your door, they’ve got all the comforts of home – bed, kitchen, cozy armchairs – and it’s in New Zealand, far far far away from Britain and the Tories.

  2. We too are suffering under a conservative government here in Oz, but we do have compulsory voting and it is preferential not first-past-the-post; each system has it’s negatives, but at least the hope of change shines brighter for a bit longer. We are half way through our current govt’s term and it can’t be over quickly enough for people who care about anyone except the extremely wealthy. The way we treat our poor, indigenous and refugees is just shameful and an embarrassment for all of us.

    1. I just don’t understand how a government who favours the top 10% over everyone else convinces the other 90% who will be shafted by their incumbency to vote. It must be Jedi mind control. I hope change comes your way next time round.

  3. A Facebook friend said ‘it’s not like people voted blue just because they like the colour,’ then went on to say she chose Tory because she fancied David Cameron, even though Sam Cam is a bit twee for her tastes.
    If people have a valid reason for voting blue – even if it’s downright self-interest and a lack of concern for anyone else, fair enough – but voting for superficial reasons just makes me want to weep.

  4. I have many English friends that are really really upset about the elections. I am from the U.S. so am not that familiar with the politics and parties of England, but I do feel your pain about the voting system. There are so many things wrong with modern day American politics, I would need a whole other blog to write what I think about them, but I admit I am too busy running away from them. Screw them all 🙂
    I hope that the winners of your elections won’t cause too much trouble. 😦 But what politician doesn’t I guess.

    1. Here’s hoping they won’t go too insane with their austerity measures. :-/ You’ve got to have SOME public spending and not ONLY look after the interests of business/the rich, surely? The Tories seem to be particularly detached from the fact that their policies have a very real impact on people’s lives. It’s scary. My hope is that the last Tory landslide was then followed by Labour’s first victory in my lifetime. So at least there’s hope. All we have to do is get through the next 5 years in one piece.

  5. So far I know of no election in my country that has given me the feeling things were going to get better. Hope everything eventually ends up less bad than you had thought (though I fear for the worst). Keep on blogging in a free world – The False Prophet

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