A Silver Lining

All I wanted was an hour or so to myself to run into town. With packed in bank holiday weekend plans, followed by work and school half term if I didn’t get things sorted today then it wasn’t going to happen until June. 83 pence worth of gas on the meter definitely wasn’t going to last until June.

I took responsibility for all things child-related until 2pm. Even though carting Noodles along to Boo’s dance classes is a major pain in the arse, not to mention the arms and back as 90% of the time he’ll refuse to walk and need to be carried. It’d give Teflon Man the chance to catch up on any chores or errands, giving me some time in the afternoon.

Best laid plans and all that. It wasn’t to be. I’d not even got the dull chores done before I got a phone call from TM summoning me home. Because writing some cheques takes all morning apparently (although I swear it looked like he was sat on the sofa watching a documentary on Shirely Maclaine when I got home).

So there I was, time to myself stolen away, once again watching sodding CBeebies. Worse, CBeebies repeats itself at some point each day and it was an episode of Tree Fu Tom I’d endured earlier.

But then I glanced up.

And then I looked up.

I liked what I saw.

On a weekend afternoon CBeebies provide a signing accompaniment to their programmes. Usually it’s either a slightly frumpy woman or a bald man. 

But during Tree Fu Tom it was neither. It was this man:

Hello there!

I’m pretty sure that’s the sign for, yes, do come right up close to the screen so you can get a better look at my gorgeous face.

So, I would like to thank the nameless signing guy for being rather easy on the eye and bringing a ray of sunshine to my grumpy afternoon. If I’d been in town I’d have missed him. It was back to the frumpy woman and bald guy after that.

I know. What’s that about?! 

I shall definitely be tuning in again next week too.


4 thoughts on “A Silver Lining”

    1. I don’t know who frumpy mum and bald guy are being aimed at. But I’m hoping if Tree Fu Tom viewing figures start to rise next week then Hot Signing Guy will be back more often.

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