Family Days Out Are a Big Mistake #10: A (Bubble) Solution!

Contrary to the tradition of family days out being a BAD idea, last year we had a gloriously sunny day at the Fairyland Trust Fairy Fair in Holt. I know! It doesn’t normally happen to us, but I have proof! Filled with the miracle of such an occurrence we decided it was wise to do it again.

Like we could ever be that lucky twice!

First Boo got grumpy on the Treasure Hunt because Teflon Man took over the hunting for her (as she pointed out, she’s a big girl now and can do things for herself, thank you very much – a fact I’ll remind her of when she’s 18 and turning to Bank of Mum & Dad/Mum’s Taxi Co.) and Noodles had a meltdown because I couldn’t carry him through the woods any more without dying on my feet. He’s getting both big but also lazy!

He wasn’t impressed.

And then, because it’s bank holiday weekend and it’s England, the heavens opened.

That’s one rain-soaked picnic right there. Luckily Boo found a tree.

She declared it to be her favourite part of the day.

Stiff upper lips though, we weren’t going without a fight. Actually, Noodles would have left at that moment. ‘Time to go home now? Go home now. Go home now!’

Sorry, buddy.

But do you know what’s guaranteed to turn a toddler’s mood around? BUBBLES!!!

The search for bubbles was, to be honest though, fraught, what with TM offering their purchase as a placating tool prior to ascertaining whether or not there were any pots of bubble solution available. It was, after all, a fairy fair, so there were numerous stalls selling wings, vials of glitter, sorry fairy dust (the magic being how much they can get away with charging) and wands. Felt animals – ten a penny (well, one for £6.50, but still they were literally everywhere) – lucky dips and fairy-related trinkets. But no pots of bubble mix. The opportunities were getting slimmer, the rain heavier. The search was getting a little frantic.

‘Bubbles! Bubbles! BUBBLES!!!’

And then, mercifully – BINGO!

One stall had pots of Frozen bubble mix. I could’ve kissed the stall holder. Noodles perked up in a heartbeat.

He no longer needed carrying, happy instead to chase the trail of bubbles settled on the wet grass. And he played happily with them for the best part of an hour whilst Boo took part in a crown-making workshop.


 What a difference a pot of bubbles makes!

Moreover, I quickly became The Bubble Lady. With every flurry there’d be an excited cry of ‘Bubbles!‘ from a child as they rounded the corner and they’d join Noodles in the chase. I loved how universally appealing something so simple could be. I pointed various parents in the direction of the stall.

If I had any savings I’d seriously consider investing in vast quantities of Fairy Liquid and research into the perfect bubble mix as I swear there’s a killing to be made. For all the fairy fun the joy brought by the bubbles was the most magic part of the day. Although, actually, Boo’s fairy crown was pretty impressive:

Still, it was surely the best £1 ever spent and from now on they’ll be as essential a part of my day out armoury as the baby wipes! (Actually, looking at the state of Noodles’ face today, the bubbles might actually get more use!)


9 thoughts on “Family Days Out Are a Big Mistake #10: A (Bubble) Solution!”

  1. That looks like an awesome place…IF you have bubbles. Without bubbles? It’s a dump. So glad the bubbles were finally discovered and tragedy averted!

    1. Yeah, a stately home and a mass of fairy-related activities is only fun with the addition of bubbles. Apparently. Next year I’m going to see if I can do a deal with the bubble seller. I’ll go around blowing bubbles and pointing customers with fractious children in her direction for a cut in the cuttings. I might earn a whole £2.

      1. I don’t know, I think you might make a killing with that business plan. There is no shortage of tired preschoolers in this world.

      2. Ain’t that the truth?!!! Just as Noodles finished his woodland-based meltdown we heard another set of tantrum toddler screams coming from in the woods. My first thought was, ‘that’s one hell of an echo’ then realised we weren’t the only family with a mini diva in the vicinity.

  2. My favourite line was “Luckily, Boo found a tree” followed by that pic. Classic. And you know already, of course, that your boy is my favourite little cherub to behold, but that pic of him smiling there… heart just totally puddled. Might be the best pic you’ve shared of him yet!

    Bubbles… simple, huh? Unless of course, it’s a precursor to the the sorts of names the girls Noodles will date in future……ugh!

    1. Ugh, now there’s a thought. (Images of Jane Horrocks in Ab Fab.)
      My heart puddled when he was playing on the grass too. That smile is like sunshine. The grumpy face is like thunder mind you, but at least there’s always sunshine after a storm. Sunshine and bubbles.

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