“It’s a troublesome world.

All the people who’re in it

are troubled with troubles 

almost every minute.

You ought to be thankful,

a whole heaping lot,

for the people and places

you’re lucky you’re not!” 

It’s been a troubling few weeks. An MP was murdered for having morals and being a decent human being, leaving behind two young children. Britain was a nation divided and fear and xenophobia won out. We’re no longer sure of our footing and what the future holds. And that’s just in the UK. 
This morning I spotted an ancient copy of Dr Seuss sticking out of my wardrobe. I’m not feeling very lucky right now – more than anything I feel betrayed and ashamed of my country. But at the same time I’m pretty sure Dr Seuss is not wrong.

I just can’t decide whether that’s a comforting or horrifying thing though.