“It’s a troublesome world.

All the people who’re in it

are troubled with troubles 

almost every minute.

You ought to be thankful,

a whole heaping lot,

for the people and places

you’re lucky you’re not!” 

It’s been a troubling few weeks. An MP was murdered for having morals and being a decent human being, leaving behind two young children. Britain was a nation divided and fear and xenophobia won out. We’re no longer sure of our footing and what the future holds. And that’s just in the UK. 
This morning I spotted an ancient copy of Dr Seuss sticking out of my wardrobe. I’m not feeling very lucky right now – more than anything I feel betrayed and ashamed of my country. But at the same time I’m pretty sure Dr Seuss is not wrong.

I just can’t decide whether that’s a comforting or horrifying thing though.


6 thoughts on “Lucky?”

  1. On this side of the pond we’ve been holding our breath for so long we’re oxygen-deprived. Watching events on your side, sending encouragement, and hoping sanity suddenly wins worldwide.

    1. We could really REALLY do with a good old dose of sanity. Hoping our morning-after hangover knocks some sense into you guys and you’ll soon be able to start breathing peacefully again!

  2. Good to see you back to blogging. I’ve missed you!

    I tend to avoid the news because it frightens me. There are the nuts who shoot people in Florida and blow up people in Istanbul. The haters who think that people of different cultures are the reason their country is not glorious any more remind me of Hitler (read “Trump”). All of it seems like a pressure cooker about to explode into World War III. In Canada, I do feel lucky. Most of the nutters I face are either talking to themselves on the street or they are running my place of employment (smirk) and my country’s leader seems to have his handsome head screwed on straight (so far). Tense times to be sure. All we can do is be the change we want to see, pray to the Being we believe in, and keep our fingers crossed that we aren’t going to be like those poor mother’s in the 19teens and 19fortys-sending our offspring to war.

    1. I am deeply jealous of you in Canada – every country should have the option to vote for a Trudeau! I try not to get too obsessed with the news (not hard with a TV permanently set to kids’ channels!) but the it’s been everywhere. Political engagement seems like a good idea until it becomes aware that there’s a huge number of xenophobic bigots around every corner!
      I still believe that overall positivity outweighs the negativity that dominates the news.
      Glad to be back. So much to catch up on!!! X

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