Another Side

Ok, a confession: I have another blog. (Another two, actually…but this isn’t the post for talk of memorable meals.)

I gave up on this blog for a bit because life became not very funny as we waited for Noodles to be diagnosed with Autism. There aren’t many puns to be had out of a cycle of assessments. And chuckling about public tantrums wasn’t so funny when the child in question was doing so because the world was just being one big struggle.

By the time we finally got his diagnosis this March my head was whirling. I realised I was going to have to decide how much I’d want Noodles to be shaped to conform to the norms of society versus the way he truly is (which is stubborn, single-minded and brilliant – in a lot of ways I wish I could be more like him rather than him more like me). So I started a blog to sort my head out. Thus Living With Edges was born. (BTW Noodles became SP – my Square Peg in a world of round holes – and Boo became Amy, because she said that that’s what she would be called if she had a choice.)

It’s more niche than things here, but some people found me and I have a little band of followers. Im not posting here to boost that number; I don’t expect follows or even for anyone to give it a glance. 

But at the same time, in light of Mental Health Day, my last Edges post was about the realisation that I perpetuate the stigma attached to mental health issues through inaction. (I told you it’s not a giggle-fest over there.) But if I want mental health issues to have acceptance they have to be normalised. And so I thought it was important to post here too: just to say how amazingly proud I am of Noodles.

It’s not always easy, but at least we have a better understanding of his issues now and so we’re trying to find a way that suits him as an individual and us as a family. It takes a lot to be different, but he does it with style. 

7 thoughts on “Another Side”

  1. Just read your latest post on Living on the Edge, but couldn’t figure out how to leave a comment on it – but I’ve followed you there and will figure it out. Anyway, what you said about allowing stigma to continue really spoke to me. Just last week I heard someone I really respect say jokingly, “I’m so OCD that I have to…” Ugh. And tons of times I’ve heard people say “I”m so depressed – I can’t go to the concert tonight” (or whatever trivial thing happened to them that day). And I never say anything. But inside I’m fuming over how deeply entrenched peoples’ attitudes are toward very serious, life-changing mental illnesses.

    On another note, I’m really glad to know “where you were” in that long time when you weren’t posting here. I missed you a lot, and always figured there was something going on that required all your time and attention.

    Thanks for all your thoughts, no matter what they are or where they show up.

  2. I’m so happy to know all this and I’m heading over to your other blog now so I can continue to follow the journey! You have been really missed on here!

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