Stalking Italian

Things that are good for the soul:

1) A mum’s day out.

London, and particularly the Tube, are SO much easier without children. Plus we got to talk – in FULL sentences, no less. And when a toddler cried in the bistro we stopped at for lunch we didn’t have to be hyper-aware that the child was probably one of ours and thus we’d be the ones responsible for making the noise stop. (And, if and when it is YOUR toddler, please note that the noise always sounds worse to you. If anyone tuts then they don’t have a soul and deserve to have their day spoiled a bit. The rest are just feeling YOUR pain and don’t want you to feel bad.)


2) Feeling the Christmas vibe, without the stress.


From giant baubles in Covent Garden to mulled wine (which, actually I’m not a huge fan of – 3 sips in it tastes like warm cough medicine – but it added to the festive vibe) we got to indulge in Christmas without the stress of shopping (which makes a change). No, we had time on our hands and other plans in mind. Which included…


3) The brilliance of a West End show.


Oh, to be so bendy. Or to blast out a song with such gusto. But as I’m not and I can’t I’m happy just to sit in the audience and be swept away by people who are and can.


4) Flirting…especially with the star of said show.


And even more so when said star is Italian. Those boys are born knowing how to be smooth. My friend and I left giggly like a pair of schoolgirls. (I know – a bit tragic – but so much fun!)

Cloud Nine is such a good place to be.